“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”

1-26-13 Dogeball pre-game

I know what you’re thinking: We make a pretty boss Dodgeball team. This was our FHE group pre-game. We went all out. DI country t-shirts for the chicas and some pretty fab aloha friday gear for the guys. Oh, and Ethan is a tiger. So all in all, we were a well-uniformed team.

Our wonderful freshman ward decided that it would be super fun to have a dodgeball tournament between all 10 FHE groups. And it was so super fun! Our team was incredibly unified, and Ethan, who is leaving in a week or so drove all the way from Orem(!!!!) to come play with us! So it was pretty much our olden, golden FHE family plus Adam and Kaitlyn.   We all had so much fun hanging out as a family and having some friendly competition with our fellow ward members. There weren’t too many hard feelings in the end.

1-26-13 jess and julia

Jess and Julia, so precious.

So, we maybe were pretty beastly and won the tournament undefeated. No Big Deal.

And our bishopric decided that we were so awesome that they absolutely could not live without buying us all some delicious Cold Stone Ice Cream.  Be jealous (I know you are).

We had a bunch of fun. It was a pretty great day.

1-26-13 team zero


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