Missionaries, Missionaries Everywhere


So yesterday, three of my friends recieved their mission calls. Normally the calls all arrive on Wednesdays, but due to the holiday on Monday, the calls were delayed. It didn’t help that we had an ice-attack on thursday, (meaning the mail did not come). So finally after three days of anxiously waiting, many, many, many BYU students were lucky enough to have their calls come today.

Two of the three friends of mine who opened their calls today were future sister missionaries. I love sister missionaries, and I am so blessed to know these two wonderful sisters who are going to do so much great work for the Lord. They will be miracle workers in so many people’s lives. They are such spiritual rocks. The other friend is my dear FHE brother, Jared. He is pretty great as well. His testimony is so strong and his mission is going to set such a wonderful example for his younger siblings, not to mention that he is going to become the greatest missionary his mission has ever received.

1-25-13 Sierra's Call CollageSierra lives across the hall from me and has been such a good friend. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a bad mood. She always has such a wonderful outlook on life and she is full of such bright optimism. I do believe that she is one of the nicest girls I know.  She has been called to the Philippines Bacolod Mission, speaking the Hilagaynon language. I know that she is going to be such a force in the Philippines and do amazing work for the Lord.

1-25-13 Michelle Mission CollageMy home-girl Michelle is going to (you guessed it!)… Honduras! She will be in the Comayagüela Mission! I’m so proud and happy for her, especially because she really really wanted to be called to serve in South America. Michelle is so amazing and she has such a zeal for missionary work. It feels like just yesterday we were sitting in a chapel in Provo listening as President Monson announced the missionary age change for girls. From then on, I knew that Michelle was going to go forth and serve the Lord and be such an amazing Sister Missionary. I am going to miss her so, so, so much. But I am willing to give her up for a year and a half so that the wonderful people of Honduras can receive the fullness of the Gospel.

1-25-13 Elder Giles CollageJared is so great and was called to spend two years preaching the gospel in Brisbane Australia! Which is so amazing. When he was thinking about where he wanted to go, he thought he would like to go somewhere moderately warm, foreign and (hopefully) English speaking. It’s pretty amazing that the Lord knew exactly where he needed to be. Jared is going to love teaching the Australian people in his native language, not to mention that he will probably inherit a pretty wicked-cool Australian accent. He is going to be an amazing Elder. And I really think that he is going to end up making a huge impact on the people he serves. He has such a great work-ethic, but he is also so spiritually grounded, which will make for an awesome and super effective missionary.

I am so proud of all my friends and their righteous desires to go and serve the Lord. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to become such great friends with so many wonderful future missionaries. They have already made such a huge impact on me with their testimonies and they are already so prepared to bless all of Heavenly Father’s children all around the world.


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