my oh my, it’s APRIL // Goals

This year has gone by so quickly, I cannot believe that it is already April! I have three weeks left of college and then I’m back home. I am pretty amazed by how much I have grown, learned and discovered  more about who I am. Needless to say these next two weeks of classes and finals week are going to be incredibly stressful and difficult. But even with the accompanying stress that comes with these last few weeks, I wouldn’t trade them for anything (except maybe more time).

The weather has been beautiful lately, which only makes concentrating on school even more difficult. I may be getting some spring fever out here, while I hear that it is snowing out east in Ohio. I guess this is a count your blessings moment. I’d much rather have nice weather, where it’s difficult to concentrate than gross, cold, winter-y weather.

3-18-13 bethy, я becks

I also decided that because it will be so easy to get off track with all the things I need to do, I should make some goals. (So even when I’ not productive, I can rationalize my being off task.)


Become more grateful
           – Start adding a gratitude section to my journaling.
– Follow the steps outlined in Bro. Huntington’s devotional from Oct. 02, 2012.
Study Preach my Gospel more
Start Studying my scriptures by topic, rather than strictly reading them.
Follow PEARL
Prepare for General Conference and study the council of  the General Authorities.
Learn and memorize all the words to “One Week” by the Bare Naked Ladies
-(It’s a roommate goal. We WILL all accomplish this!)
Read A Witness and a Warning by Ezra Taft Benson
Successfully Register for new classes. (And be happy with my schedule)
Read at least one book off of my reading list.

So, that’s it for now. A pretty good start I would say. It should make this quite an enjoyable month.


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