That time we went to a bonfire in Provo Canyon

So last night, our friend Matt decided that it would be a good time to finally get rid of that old Christmas tree long gone dead from last semester. And as everyone knows, there is no proper burial for a dead tree other than having a massive bonfire to celebrate it’s memories. So, we did just that.
A large group from our ward got together and carpooled up into Provo Canyon to enjoy the bonfire together. It was beautiful up there. You could almost see the stars. It also started to snow, which made for a fun contrast between the cold night air and the warm fire. All in all it was a really fun night and when we went home, and went to bed, the smell of all that bonfire smoke lingered on our clothes, blankets, and in our hair.


from L-R: Elaina, Kate, Jessica, Carter, and Holly

Carter feeling the  heat from the flames

Carter feeling the heat from the flames


from L-R: Stewart, Harrison, Elaina and Kate

It was fun. There were marshmallows and chocolate. And good company.


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