A Night Under the Big Top

So, since the start of the semester (and maybe even before) the Residence Halls Association, which I am a member of, has been planning the biggest event of our year so far. And on Saturday it finally came to fruition. Weeks of planning and building and thought and preparation came together and we were able to put on this amazing dance.  The theme was circus carnival, which is super fun. We had a room full of carnival games, some talented caricature artists, magicians, jugglers, fantastic food, and of course a hoppin’ dance. After spending an entire week building decorations, and the morning of decorating, walking into our creation at the end of the night all jazzed up was amazing. It was just great. And I had so much fun. I didn’t go with a date, but I still had bundles of fun (and I won free Ice Cream!).  I was able to just dance my bum off all night. And if there are single girls out there who think that I was unable to dance to any of the slow songs, you are mistaken. There were single boys, who were always willing to dance with those ladies who came by themselves.

I guess, to sum myself up: I had a mega blast!

And here are some pics:
03-09-13 kate, sarahb, becks 03-09-13 kate and harrison 03-09-13 jess, bethy, chlobo and their plus ones 03-09-13 Night under the big top 03-09-13 41, boys and me


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