Ryan Blaser is a Big Super Star

So, Papa Blaze, as we affectionately call him, is a very talented musician. And because he is so talented, he played a concert at the Wall on Friday March 8th. And it was spectacular. He had a half-hour set and a bunch of kids from the ward came out to cheer him on. He played a bunch of great covers and an original song. When he was first told about the gig, Blaser was supposed to have an hour set, but it was shortened in the end unfortunately. Hopefully they’ll invite him back and we can all be amazed once more. Here are some pictures from the night:

03-08-13 becks and jess 03-08-13 becks and the big shot 03-08-13 big star blaser 03-08-13 jess and michelle 03-08-13 kate and michelle are stoked 03-08-13 matt and becks DSC02636 DSC02648

He is a Pretty Amazing Dude. Oh, and just incase you didn’t know, Blaser is going to become Elder Blaser soon and bring the Gospel to the people of Indonesia (Jakarta mission). Pretty sick, huh? Yeah, he’s pretty much a mega cool rockstar who’s going to baptize the people of Indonesia.


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