A trip to SLC

So this weekend, our ward had a really fun activity where we went up to Salt Lake City and had the opportunity to do indexing in the Family History Library and learn more about genealogy and the Family History Library. It was really interesting and quite fun.

02-23-13 girls

from left to right: myself, Sierra, Jennifer, and Jen’s friend from Georgia, Emma

So how do you get 150 poor college student to Salt Lake from Provo? Well, you use all your modes of transportation. By feet, by wheels, by train, and by plane (alright, I’ll be honest: we didn’t fly anywhere, but wouldn’t that have been something!).
We started off walking about 200 feet from our apartments to the bus station. It had been wonderful weather all week, and of course on this day Mother Nature decided to bring out her big guns: snow and wind.

02-23-13 those silly 35 boys

from left to right: TJ, Jace, Nick, and Derek.

These boys must have thought that they were going to get blown away and lost because they decided to use a rope to keep them all together. They are quite the silly bunch.

So once we were at the bus station, we waited for what felt like an eternity in the cold. Luckily, Sierra had brought some of Jen’s hand warmers and we were all able to have some toasty warm hands.  When the bus arrived we took mode number two: wheels.

from left to right: Kate, Elizabeth, Carter, Harrison.

from left to right: Kate, Elizabeth, Carter, Harrison.

02-23-13 on the bus with sierra

Sierra and I on the bus

Unfortunately for us, the bus ride did not last as long as we had intended. Our bus was rear-ended by a car in the slippery weather. After doing our civic duty and filing accident reports for the police and the driver we ventured out back into the snow and walked the remainder of our journey to the train station on foot. It wasn’t that bad, although there were some slippery moments for us. Luckily I did not end up on my bum.

Once we got to the train station, and boarded our northbound train we were golden. All we had left to do was wait and play “Honey do you love me?” the whole way to SLC. It was a pretty amusing game to say the least.

Some of the other girls from 41 on the train. From left to right: Kaitlyn, Amanda, Angela, and Morgan.

Some of the other girls from 41 on the train. From left to right: Kaitlyn, Amanda, Angela, and Morgan.

We had a bunch of fun in the Family History Library. It was such a unique experience to go there to do indexing rather than to be indexing sitting on our couch, where I normally index. There was a wonderful Senior Sister Missionary who worked with us as we indexed and you could just tell that she was such an amazing force in the genealogy world. After we did some indexing, we had a Family History Library scavenger hunt. We separated into teams and searched the whole library finding the things we needed to. We learned how to use microfilms, microfiche, and just about every other resource that the Family History Library has to offer to genealogy searchers. I am sure it will be so cool to return there after I get a bit more of my own genealogy research completed.

After the library, we all went over to City Creek and ate lunch at Kneaders. It was so snowy out!
02-23-13 snow in SLC

We shopped around a bit (don’t worry mom, I didn’t buy anything!) and then we headed back home. It was a long but very fun Saturday adventure. By the time we got home, I was ready to sleep and sleep and sleep.


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