February 14th… A day of Love.

Every year on the 14th of February, people start to turn into little bitty love bugs, just spewing out all the goodness in their hearts. And I of course am no exception.

Valentines Day is a great day. You honestly don’t even need to be in any sort of relationship to enjoy it either. I tend to think of it more as an appreciation day of sorts. You go around and let everyone know that well, you appreciate who they are to you and all that they do for you. It is one of those special days where it isn’t weird to give people you aren’t madly in love with heart shaped notes, it’s actually expected (and normal).

2-13-13 twas the night before valentines day and all through the apartment

Kate decorated our kitchen door for the super sweet holiday.

My roommates are pretty great and so keeping in with their theme of being great, today was no exception. I found a secretly stashed valentine from Elizabeth in my bookbag during Russian Choir today and it made me smile. She is so sweet. And it totally brightened my day. Which is pretty much what Valentines Day is all about. Showing your appreciation and brightening other people’s days.

So, while we watched the American Heritage movie, A More Perfect Union on youtube, me and Kate decided that we ought to make valentines. So we did. We made valentines for the girls in our own hall, as well as for all our friends over in Felt. And boy were they funny. I’m sure they put a big smile on everyone’s face. We may have taken the best of the best Daily Odd Compliments and written them on cut-out, colored, loose-leaf paper hearts (hey! we’re college kids). They were oh so funny.

2-14-13 making valentines

Here are some of my personal favorites:

  • I want you more than Carly Rae Jepson wants you to call her. Maybe.
  • You give me an indescribable feeling. Unless calling it indescribable is actually describing it. In which case you give me the best describable feeling.
  • I want to kiss you in the pouring rain. But not if there’s a tornado around. Because if you’re going to be swept off your feet, I’m going to be the one to do it. Although the tornado could probably do it too.
  • You could never be ice-cream because you’re too hot. And a person.

2-14-13 finished v tines

We made a lot of valentines. And each one is unique. But most importantly, they were from the heart (or at least from daily odd compliment). It took the whole movie plus at least 45 more minutes, but we were having a blast. And you know what they say… time flies when you’re having fun. After we made all the valentines. We secretly delivered them to their recipients. We were only caught twice. But that’s the price you have to pay sometimes when you’re being sneaky and mischievous.2-14-13 happy v day!

Most of the funny valentines were anonymous, but the ones to girls we decided to put our names on. Also, they were more heartfelt rather than creepy, so we wanted their recipients to know we sent the valentines.

And of Course, what is a holiday without a fancy-schmancy dinner? Nothing. So we decided to do a roommate dinner, for those of us without alternative plans. We bought sparkling cider, steaks, and bread, and we already had some potatoes and veggies, so the whole meal really only cost us about 3 dollars per person for a pretty good, out-of-the-ordinary dinner. We borrowed candles, dressed up, played love songs radio and set the mood lighting (a.k.a christmas lights). It was pretty great.

2-14-13 dinner dress 2-14-13 v day dinner


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