“Which path shall I take?”

“That depends where you want to go. If you do not know where you want to go, it doesn’t really matter which path you take.”- Alice in Wonderland

Throughout this semester I have been facing tough decisions about my future and where I am heading. I was at a sort of cross roads in my life. When I began college I had it all figured out: Major in Russian, spend some time studying abroad, go on a mission at 21, come home, get married, graduate, ect. And then all of a sudden this plan I had for myself started to fall apart. It was announced in October that sisters could go on missions at 19. Was I supposed to go? When? It seemed like an easy decision. I had such a strong desire to serve the Lord. But in the end, it wasn’t right. At least not right now in my life. And then, I finally decided to give into the nagging feeling that maybe, just possibly my major wasn’t right for me. So after weeks of thinking it over and praying I decided to change it to Biological Science Education. And I started to feel some peace about where I was headed.

However, I was still feeling like I needed a little bit more guidance in my life. I still didn’t have an exact plan for myself and although I knew that Heavenly Father had an absolutely perfect plan for me, I felt so out of the loop. My patriarchal blessing had been something I had been thinking about getting for a while, but the time had never seemed right. I was never 100% ready. Until recently.

One of the most amazing experiences that members of the Church are able to have is to receive a patriarchal blessing. A Patriarchal Blessing is a wonderful opportunity to gain insight from Heavenly Father on what some of your personal strengths lie, where you need to be careful, and what the possibilities in your life are if you live a life worthy to receive those blessings.  It is “your passport to peace in this life. It is a Liahona of light to guide you unerringly to your heavenly home (Thomas S. Monson)”.

This week, I received that blessing. I prepared myself by fasting, praying, and reading different talks by General Authorities on the subject.And although I really wanted my mother and father to be there, I knew that I really needed to receive this blessing at this time in my life. I needed to be reassured of the Lord’s plan for my life and I needed to be able to have the knowledge and the guidance that I felt my patriarchal blessing would give me. And it did exactly that. My patriarchal blessing was absolutely amazing. It is so personal to me and to the person I want to become. It addressed different things that I struggle with and told me plain and simple how to avoid it becoming a problem. I know that this was personal revelation for me from Heavenly Father. He knows who I am. And although I would have loved for the patriarch of my home stake to be the one to give me this special blessing, I know that it would have been the same message because it was divinely inspired.

It was such a personal exprience. It has helped so much to put my life into perspective and prioritize myself and my values. I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father who knows me and knows exactly what I need when I need it. He truly does have a plan. And I now know that it is indeed magnificent.


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