You know your roommates love you when they blindfold, kidnap and take you to Hangtime.

Today was Rebecca’s birthday, as well as our dear friend Sierra’s and for the past few weeks there has been some serious plotting happening. A surprise Birthday Party was a necessity to show these two wonderful girls just how much we all cared about them. So a secret had been floating around the ward for a few weeks. Everyone was going to meet at Hangtime, the largest indoor trampoline park in the country. It is basically a giant room filled with trampolines and foam pits. There is a trampoline dodge-ball court and basketball hoops. It’s a pretty sweet place. Before we took her to Hangtime though, we needed to make sure that she had the best birthday in the History of Birthdays. So we woke up early and decided to make her a big homestyle breakfast. Pancakes, hashbrowns, and eggs. Even I helped to make the eggs, and I was fasting (more on that later). And then when all of the food was ready we went into her room and woke her up by singing “Happy Birthday”. We then pulled her into the decorated kitchen and made sure that she filled her belly.2-12-13 decorations 2-12-13 becks birthday breakfast

It was a great morning. Rebecca was having a pretty stressful day, so we left her alone all day in the hopes that she would be able to get all her homework done so we could party that night. We kept encouraging her with dance parties or trips to The Wall

Then, we lured her into Sierra’s room where her sister had brought some of the most amazing cupcakes. We all had some fun and tried to stall her long enough for our friends Derek and Nick to blindfold and kidnap the two birthday girls. After which, we all headed off to Hangtime.

2-12-13 becks gets kidnapped

2-12-13 sierra's kidnapping too

The girls had no clue we were taking them there, so they were pretty surprised when we unveiled the locale.

2-12-13 at hangtime before 2-12-13  sierra before 2-12-13 becks is so psyched

It was probably the most fun I’ve had in ages, such a great day for so many reasons. We jumped around so much though, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to be sore in the morning.


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