Saturday Night Shenanigans…

Under normal circumstances, shenanigans normally describes “secret or dishonest activity”. However if we are talking about any sort of shenanigans involving myself you would want to skip down to part two of the definition: “Silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief”.

Last nights shenanigans were pretty high spirited and only slightly mischievous.

Saturday night’s original plan consisted of Harrison coming over and teaching our apartment how to dive. Sounds pretty fun and highly educational. Unfortunately due to a high school swim meet being held in the RB, we were unable to do that. I of course was at this time busy making apple pies, one for our apartment and one for my dear friend ryan (for reasons which I am not at liberty to disclose at this time). So instead, after sitting around for an hour looking up things to do in Provo, we decided just to make Oreo milkshakes. Harrison is a master Oreo milkshake maker. It is his true calling in life. After which we decided to watch probably the funniest movie in existence, What’s up Doc.  It’s a pretty quotable movie. I highly recommend it. In fact, it deserves to be on the list of things to do in Provo. Maybe sometime I’ll make my own list, I do know some of the best things to do with no car in Provo…


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