The Breakfast Bunch

So last night, we decided to have some of the girls from upstairs come over for a Bachelor viewing party. It was pretty sweet. There was popcorn and lots of good fun. Originally, this was going to be a sleep over, but it was decided that we skip the sleeping over part and sleep in our own beds for the night.
2-09-13 bachelor party 02-09-13 julia 2-09-13 becks, jess, beth

It was quite the event.

2-10-13 breakfast
We did however all get together to have breakfast the next day. So some of the girls cam over and we had oven baked bacon and some of the most supreme french toast courtesy of the wonderfully talented Cassie.

It was amazing. What a wonderful start to a great Saturday!

I’m so grateful have such wonderful friends here. They are some of the sweetest, most genuine and well-rounded people I have ever met. They inspire me everyday to be a better person. I’m lucky to have each of their examples in my life.


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