Mr. Heritage

So for the past little while, RHA has been working on this nifty little men’s talent show/ beauty pagent/ popularity contest which we like to call Mr. Heritage. Every Boy RA in heritage was supposed to hold a competition within their hall to see who was the most worthy to become Mr. Heritage. From our ward, it was the amazing Jess Adams who was selected to compete. And while I was secretly supposed to stay fairly unbiased, I have to say I was really hoping he would win.

I would say I put some pretty hefty time into preparing for the Mr. Heritage Competition, but in reality all of the council members dedicated a lot of time to making sure that every little detail was done right. I ended up sewing the blanket for the Mr. Heritage and the sashes for the runner-ups. It took some time, but I think they turned out great and it was time well worth spending to make sure they looked good.

Overall it was such a fun night. The boys who were participating in the competition were amazing, and they showcased some wonderful talents. The coolest part of the evening though, was being able to see how our ward came out to support Jess. We had so many people there cheering him on, making posters, and from on the stage, the Jess fans were louder than any other. It just made me realize how awesome our ward is. Everyone is so willing to go out and support each other and I’m pretty sure regardless of numbers, our ward could have out-cheered anyone. But our ward was also so funny and supportive of me, as I moved microphone stands and chairs on and off the stage. There were moments in the night when they were all hollering my name louder than any contestant’s name (which made me blush). But really. What a great group of people that I call my ward.

I think it was the cheering and the ward support that really put Jess over the edge with the judges, that and his sick drumming skills. All along though, the winner was clear. The 50th Ward’s very own Jess was crowned Mr. Heritage.

Our ward is such a tight-knit family of college students. I don’t think I could have ended up in any better of a spot to live than here in the Provo YSA 50th.


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