IHOP National Pancake Day!

Don’t you just love those days when you feel like, “Yeah, I’ve had a pretty good day” and then next thing you know… BOOM! It gets better?
Well, I certainly do. And today was one of those days.

To begin, I got a pretty good grade on my first American Heritage Midterm, a class I am really enjoying.
Then, my friend Morgan came over, and we hung out and it was great.
And then, Rebecca informed us that it was IHOP’s National Pancake day… And what a marvelous day it turned out to be. So, at 9:45, with 15 minutes to get to IHOP, Nick, Rebecca, Kate, Derek, Morgan, Sierra and I all set off in search of the closest IHOP. And then we waited, for what felt like eternity to get ourselves some free pancakes. And they were magical. It was probably the most fun thus far all week (and it’s only Tuesday!).

It’s nice to get off campus every once and a while, and a spur of the moment weeknight trip to IHOP was just what the doctor ordered.

Funniest Moment: Nick told us as we left the parking lot to go to IHOP that he had better be able to get a parking spot when we got back. 2 hours later, returning from IHOP, there were no parking spots everywhere. We drove up to upper heritage, to near where new heritage, all around, with not a single parking spot in sight. 20 minutes later, a parking spot appeared that had been occupied before. We got so lucky. (It was funny in real life. Maybe you just had to be there).


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