I like Saturdays

Oh goodness. Today was just one of those days were everything that happens is complete and utter fun, but also so jam-packed!

To start the dayoff right, we had a wonderful ward activity at Classic Skating in Orem. Pretty much our whole ward came out and went roller skating. (Note: roller skating not roller blading). It was a bit difficult getting used to the skates, especially since I’m so comfortable with roller blades and the whole break-by-leaning-backwards aspect of rollerblading, and I’m not used to roller skating with the lean-forwards-to-brake thing. So it was uncomfortable in the beginning and I probably looked something similar to a  two-legged deer on ice (but with even less balance). I just had some of the nicer boys who were better at skatiing in our ward pull me along until I got my bearings straight.
After I felt more comfortable I helped some of my less agile friends skate around, mostly it was just Jared. Who just was not as comfortable on skates. He took quite a few tumbles. But, you know what, he has other talents. Not all of us need to be good at everything. (This was something I learned quite a bit throughout the day.) He did offer me some pretty funny comic relief.
After our ward skating party, some friends came over and we played the longest game of Phase 10 that could ever possibly exist. It took us from 2:00 to 5:50. I am pretty sure I went insane. While we were playing, we did notice that Morgan and Nick matched. It was almost as if they had planned it…

aren't they just matchy-matchy

aren’t they just matchy-matchy

Phase 10 was seriously long though. We had around 6-8 players at any given moment. One huge cheater named Derek, a boy sleeping on our couch, and bunches of fun. By the end, we had some serious alies working together. I may or may not have pretty much (by legal game rules, of course) given Nick the cards he needed so that he could win and the game could be over. In my defense, it had just gone on too long.

After Phase 10, we all left to go to the RB, where our dear friend Kev had organized some non-official ward volleyball. I will admit. I was a horrible volleyball player in the beginning. (Remember: I have other talents…) And well, to be perfectly honest I was mediocre at best by the end, but there was some definite improvement that had happened within those 3 hours that we played. And more importantly, I had so much fun! Although, there was this very, very, very good volleyball playing guy who played with us, and he could hit that volleyball so hard that I was afraid for my life to be anywhere near where the ball was heading. I’m sure he is a perfectly sweet guy when he isn’t holding a volleyball in his hand, but he was definitely scary with one.

We all came back from volleyball, and after some wanderings, I ended up watching The Amazing Spiderman, for the first time with the girls across the way in 41 (and Nick). It was such a good movie, but we only watched the first half before the clock struck 12. We’ll finish watching it some more tomorrow.

All in all, probably one of the least productive, but funnest days I’ve had on campus.


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