The Girls are back in town!

the girls are back in P-town

Christmas Break is over, snow is covering all of Provo (finally!) and it’s time for a fresh start- new semester, new year, new hobbies (sort of).

Break was wonderful though. And I’m going to miss good ol’ Ohio snow. When I was back home, I had to re-learn how to do many of my old favorite activities, such as shopping. I hadn’t been for so long, that at first, I dreaded going shopping. Don’t worry, I’m a quick learner and pretty soon I was back to my old ways. I brought home a great deal more than I have closet space for, so I am for sure going to need to get rid of some of my lesser used items of clothing ASAP. It was pretty tough having to pack everything back into my carry on to come home.

My mom and I also were able to go see the nativities at Historic Kirtland. Every year, the display of nativities from around the world is stunning, and this year was no exception. We also were able to walk around outside and take some pictures of the different buildings and the snow.Historic Kirtland 1

snowy lantern

We also went up to the top of the hill where the Kirtland Temple is and took some nighttime pictures of it, although no matter what time of day you go, the Kirtland Temple is absolutely gorgeous.

Kirtland Temple Distant

Kirtland Temple

And although there was a bit of confusion on the way home, what with plane cancellations and whatnot, I’m happy to be back in P-Town with my beautiful mountains. Not as happy about the frigid below zero temperatures, but I think I’ll live. Spring will come sometime. I hope.


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