The best birthday ever

I must have some of the best roommates ever. Because they truly outdid themselves on this whole birthday thing.  They really set the bar high.

I woke up the the sound of happy birthday being sung to me by all of my roommates, after which they led me into the kitchen where I learned that they had all woken up early to make me a delicious birthday breakfast of french toast, hashbrowns and eggs complete with orange juice. It was fantastic and a perfect start to my day. Each of them are so considerate.

I went on with my classes and then came home to make my favorite birthday dinner: tuna noodle casserole. While I was cooking, my two wonderful visiting teachers stopped by. I didn’t know they were mine until they appeared bearing gifts of chocolate variety (my favorite). They are so sweet and caring. I was touched that they would even remember or know that it was my birthday.

Then, we all ate dinner as roommates. I was pretty proud of my skill at making tuna noodle. It was the first time I had made it and not my mother.

And then I went off to go throw water balloons at people with Nick and TJ. It was way fun and when we ran out and Jess randomly called us and lured us back to the apartment with the idea of flour bombs. Our night of pranking was about to become even more intense. But Jessica was the real prankster. She lured me back into a surprise birthday party complete with everyone I could ever want there. My FHE brothers, the great Kate from my english class, and the one and only Sister Webb. It was amazing. I’m so glad I was able to share this day with each of my roommates and them.

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