An Amazing Occurrence in Ohio

So something super excited happened this weekend. Something amazing, life-changing, and so, so, so great. I was able to go home this past weekend for my mother’s BAPTISM! I truly thought this was not something that would have happened. But it did. And it is such a miracle. She is such an inspiration and a true example of how the Gospel changes lives and helps people overcome their sins and difficulties. I am in awe at my mother’s faith and her ability to be able to accept the gospel into her life and change her life for the better because of it.

I remember the Sunday before I was getting ready to come out to Utah for school and my mother and I decided to go to one last fireside at the Kirtland Historic Sites before I left. This fireside was amazing. The spirit was so strong and it truly testified to me of how important the Gospel is and how amazing the restoration was.  It was one of the firesides where you realize how transforming the Gospel is and how important it is for everyone to receive it. I could feel the spirit, and I know my mother could too.

The miracle of this fireside occurred after it. My mother, 15 years or so after she first took the baptismal lessons, agreed to be taught again and set a baptismal date. I could not believe what I had just heard. After all the “maybe”s and “in the futures” that she always would reply with when posed with the question of baptism, she finally agreed.  And then, she agreed to receive a priesthood blessing to help her begin to keep the Word of Wisdom.

I believe that the blessing she received was instrumental in her being able to finally give up her vices and become a worthy member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

And the day finally arrived where she would be able to be baptized. I spoke on Baptism.  I am so thrilled and inspired by the example and the faith that my mother has shown. She is such an amazing woman, I have always know it. And she will be able to be an amazing force for other members of the church. Our small branch also could not be a more perfect place for my mother to grow and learn in the Gospel. It is filled with such wonderful and caring members.

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